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Billionaire owner Alexander Lebedev, a former KGB agent, pulled the plug on Moscow Korrespondent hours after the Russian president issued an angry denial of the report about former Olympic gymnast and nude model Alina Kabaeva, a member of parliament who is 31 years his junior.

Theatre Review by Matthew MurrayIt's a shame that Noel Coward died in 1973. If he had lived just a bitlonger, he might have hit on the idea of writing a comedy of manners aboutthe impact of a major German leader during the years leading up to World WarII. Think of it: Private Lives with two characters based on Adolf Hitlerand Eva Braun!The mind boggles. For some unfathomable reason, however, Coward neverattempted it. That left the door wide open for newer playwrights to minethe concept for its obvious comic gold. Miriam Jensen Hendrix has answeredthe challenge with her play, When Aunt Daphne Went Nude, which just openedat the Mint Space. She does everything she can to make the encroachingNazism of early 1930s London not only relevant to modern audiences but alsolaughworthy.Hendrix, unfortunately, never picks up on what Coward knew instinctively:You can't have an effective comedy of manners without wit. That doesn'tstop Hendrix from trying, and When Aunt Daphne Went Nude is full of attemptsto wring jokes from situations surrounding such humor-rich topics ascrippling poverty and pervasive anti-Semitism. Only the most daring andresourceful of writers could possibly make this work; Hendrix demonstratesher facility for working in the comedy of manners form much better than shedoes making the resulting play funny.She's got the right idea, starting with a formerly well-to-do Englishfamily, the Walmesleys (inspired by the Mitfords), experiencing the weightof the Great Depression and facing creditors they're unable to pay. Delia(Patricia Hodges) wants to solve the family's monetary problems by marryingoff her son Reginald (Scott Ferrara) to a wealthy woman, but he's already inlove with a visiting American girl named Emily (Tarah Flanagan), whom he'sbringing to meet his family. Emily, however, cannot wed until her 25thbirthday unless she receives express permission from her Aunt Millicent(Lucille Patton).Delia's sister, Daphne (Jane Titus), the family eccentric, is also visiting,spouting her own peculiar brand of political philosophy that involves a spain the Bavarian Alps, gymnastics centered around certain runic shapes,nudity, and hatred of everyone not an Aryan. Where this is all headed isevident from the first 20 minutes on, and the final curtain - a combinationof couplings, deflatings, and destructions - doesn't disappoint. And, asthey have for several hundred years' worth of plays about subjects almostidentical to these, comic possibilities abound.The entanglements and resolutions are doled out at predictable intervals asthe play lumbers along, and true surprises - whether about Emily's family,Delia and Daphne's true motives, or the presence of Reginald's Texan cousinBuck (Josh Shirley) - are few and far between. So are the laughs, but whilefew of Hendrix's intended laugh lines land (generally because any authorwanting to make an aspiring Nazi funny is going to have trouble succeedingin the best of circumstances), the fault can at least partially beattributed to director Keith Oncale, who paces the majority of the show withthe excitement and energy of the "Ascot Gavotte" in My Fair Lady.At least you can marvel at the sumptuous wood paneling and exquisitefurnishings of the Jacobean manor house that set designer Gregory Tippit hasrendered (he's also responsible for the lovely costumes), and bask in thetalents of the first-rate acting company. The ensemble, which also includesRoy Bacon as the inebriated patriarch and J.C. Hoyt as the family's butler,is uniformly strong and committed: Particular standouts include Ferrara,Patton as the prudish and stuffy Millicent, and Shirley as the born-againAmerican cousin, but everyone does quite well.But in attempting to subvert an established theatrical form for her ownpurposes, Hendrix never transcends expectations, and fails to meet many ofthe most basic ones. Namely, that people should laugh: Only in one scene,when the unabashedly uninhibited Daphne corners the conservative Buck, doesHendrix truly explore her farcical opportunities. Yet when she expands onthis idea late in the second act into the titular nude scene, she has Daphnespout out an anti-Jewish screed while three men try to wrap her in a carpet.Would Noel Coward have thought up that resolution? We'll never know forsure. But rather than invoking Blithe Spirit, When Aunt Daphne Went Nudemore readily calls to mind another famous story, "The Emperor's NewClothes." Plenty of pretty words about, and there's just the right amountof posing, prancing, and posturing, but ultimately there's nothing there._____________________________When Aunt Daphne Went NudeRunning Time: 1 hour, 50 minutes with one 15-minute intermissionMint Theatre, 311 West 43rd StreetSchedule and Tickets: 212.352.3101 Share:

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The tension between innocence and experience ultimately revolved around [End Page 467] eroticism. Once again, the body proved an unstable signifier. The publisher and psychoanalytically influenced theorist Ernst Schertel insisted that nudity always carries an erotic charge, and his writings probed the circuits of desire between spectator and performer. Others, like the sun-worshipping nudist Hans Surén, sought to neutralize sexuality in favor of therapeutic or communitarian agendas, while Richard Ungewitter linked nudism to a reactionary racial ideal. Turning from the field of theory and the broad Nacktkultur to dance itself, Toepfer emphasizes that the question of eroticism was, if anything, even more charged. Though many modern dancers were willing to dance nude in the name of art, there was considerable unease about the accentuation of sexual difference and eroticization that nudity entailed. This anxiety was one aspect of the gender and sexual politics of dance. Although men dominated dance criticism and theory...

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Lady Gaga's first scent, Fame, is now available at a pop-up store in Tokyo, along with a special limited-edition soap. The launch party featured only black foods and drinks. (Must have made for some pretty smiles!) Gaga wasn't there for the big unveiling, but I imagine she will show up to the first U.S. sale. Countdown to her wearing a dress inspired by the tiny men crawling on her body in the fragrance's ad? It's on. [NY Mag's The Cut]

In a class-action lawsuit filed on Sept. 30, Heaton was accused of soliciting on numerous occasions since 2015 nude pictures from female athletes at USA Diving's Ripfest Diving camp in Indiana. USA Diving is the sport's national governing body.

Last year, the former doctor for USA Gymnastics, Larry Nassar, was sentenced by a Michigan court for sexually abusing female gymnasts. Michigan State University agreed to a $500 million settlement in that case. 041b061a72


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