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Duck and Cover

An unsuspecting Chad gets bit during a zombie apocalypse and has to come to terms with being dead. Sometimes...dead is better.

Winner of the Shock Stock 2024 Jury Prize Award and Best Special Effects Award.

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Chad's Got Problems...

The non-infected  are a judgemental bunch. Afterall, Zombies have to eat too! In this horror comedy short, see how a zombie turns in real-time, and learn how there is strength in numbers... and just how tasty a good southern-fried zombie hunter can taste!


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Kevin Powell


Kevin is an up-and-coming actor from Toronto Ontario. His comedic timing and natural charm made him the natural choice for Chad, our resident stoner who learns first hand the trials and tribulations of joining the ranks of the undead. 


Please contact us for opportunities to screen Duck and Cover or share the horror.


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